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Dr. Dan Goldberg has won a CyberGIS Fellowship from the NSF-Funded CyberGIS Project!

CyberGIS Center

Congratulations Dan, this is fantastic news!


CyberGIS Fellows program supports the development of cyberGIS education materials and curricula.

CyberGIS has emerged during the past several years as a vibrant interdisciplinary field impacting scientific domains and research areas.


ZHONGXIA LI THESIS DEFENSE- Master’s Student Zhongxia Li Defends his Thesis on Geocoding

A big congratulations to graduate student Zhongxia Li for successfully completing and defending his thesis, titled ‘Region-based Dynamic Weighting Probabilistic Geocoding’ on June 13, 2014.

Zhongxia Li began his master’s degree in Geography at Texas A&M University in 2012 under advisory of Dr. Daniel Goldberg, after completing his undergraduate degree in GIS from the China Agricultural University in Bejing, China.

Zhongxia expressed he was pleased with the results of his research, and claimed that by using region-based weighted probabilistic geocoding that the accuracy of the geocoded outputs was improved. “I also learned more in depth geocoding knowledge and C# programming while doing my research,”Zhongxia indicated.

Zhongxia will graduate with his master’s degree from Texas A&M University in August. “I am looking forward to working at a GIS company,” he said when asked about his plans for the future.


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